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Recommended Rapid Rating: 800 - 1200

Recommended Rapid Rating: 1000 - 1450

Recommended USCF Rating: 400 - 950

Recommended FIDE Rating: 500 - 1100

Master Tactics For Beginners [BETA]

3+ hours |  Self-Paced  | Beginner to 1200 | 100% Money Back Guarantee

Our Master Tactics course is designed for advanced beginners who already know how the pieces move, how to checkmate, all possible endings to a chess game, and those who have some experience playing chess under their belt.

This course will help you to drill down to the basics of chess tactics, for as the old saying goes "Chess is 99% Tactics". We cover topics such as Double Attacks, Discovered Attacks, Pins, Skewers, and checkmates of all types.

Introduction to Chess Endgames

2+ hours |  Self-Paced  | Beginner to 1200 | 100% Money Back Guarantee

A beginner's introduction to the basic chess endgames, such as King and Queen vs. King, King and Rook vs. King, King and Pawns vs. King and so much more! This course will get you familiar with common endgame positions in chess and will show you how to either win the game or hold a draw. 

Private Chess Lessons

I offer 60-minute private lessons for beginning to intermediate chess players, starting at $20/lesson. I have been coaching chess for 4 years, managing a chess club for 3 years, and have had many successful students. I can't wait to see your improvement!

For lesson booking, please contact me by email:

Ebook: 101 Chess Tactics from Amateur Games

Get a copy of my Ebook "101 Chess Tactics from Amateur Games" on Amazon today! This book covers 101 chess positions that regularly arrise in everyday gameplay, and is the ultimate source of high quality chess puzzles.

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