World's Worst Chess Computer vs. World's Worst Chess Computer

When most people think of chess artificial intelligence, they think of the world's strongest computers that can defeat the chess world champion with ease. Nowadays, chess computers are so strong that no human could even dream of defeating them. [...]

5 Amazing Facts About Chess You Never Knew

The game of chess has been around for a very long time, over 1,500 years in fact. With a game so old it shouldn't be surprising that there are some little-known facts about the game. Today I'll be sharing with you 5 Facts About Chess You Never Knew. Off we go! [...]

Learn How to Read and Write Algebraic Chess Notation

Want to be able to read and write Algebraic chess notation in 15 minutes or less? Hello and welcome to your crash course in chess notation! Today I'll be giving you everything that you need to know in order to read, write, and understand chess notation. [...]

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