7 Common Mistakes of New Chess Players

Avoid making these seven beginner chess mistakes, and your level of play will jump hundreds of ELO points! As I have gotten better at chess over my years of playing and studying this game, I have noticed many mistakes that beginners make without even realizing that they are making them! [...]

Top 5 Travel Chess Sets for Beginners

If you are a new chess player who wants to get an affordable, yet high-quality chess set for your vacation or travels, this list will get you started! Every new chess player who wants to both improve their game and play chess wherever they are will need a travel chess set. [...]

How to Deal with Burnout in Chess

Burnout in chess was one big concern of mine when I first began learning more about chess. I really enjoyed the game, and I was willing to practice, read books, and watch videos to help me improve, to the point that I was working on my chess skills every single day. [...]

World's Worst Chess Computer vs. World's Worst Chess Computer

When most people think of chess artificial intelligence, they think of the world's strongest computers that can defeat the chess world champion with ease. Nowadays, chess computers are so strong that no human could even dream of defeating them. [...]

5 Amazing Facts About Chess You Never Knew

The game of chess has been around for a very long time, over 1,500 years in fact. With a game so old it shouldn't be surprising that there are some little-known facts about the game. Today I'll be sharing with you 5 Facts About Chess You Never Knew. Off we go! [...]
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