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- Bryce G, Chess-U-See

"Every master was once a beginner" - Robin S. Sharma

"Chess is a terrific way for kids to build self-image and self-esteem" - IM Saudin Robovic


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My name is Bryce Gallo, but I'm best known online as 'Chess-U-See'. I am a National Class B (Peak ELO 1775, Lichess 2062 ELO) Christian chess coach, YouTuber, author, and chess club manager.

I live in Southern California with my family (plus my Bombay cat named Bailey) and love to find entrepreneurial businesses to found and scale, Chess-U-See being one of several online ventures.

I've managed a YouTube channel called 'Chess-U-See' since June 2020, founded and managed a chess club of 30+ members from 2019 - 2022, and authored "101 Chess Tactics from Amateur Games" in 2020.

I like to keep chess interesting and fresh, and deeply enjoy helping others improve their own game, and always am proud of my student's improvement! 

As you will see from my free videos online and in my chess courses, I am here to help you become the chess player you've always dreamed of becoming. I'll be here to help you succeed in your journey every step of the way, provide encouragement and motivation during the tough times, and will answer any questions you might have. Let's get you started today!

Thank you for reading my about page! Feel free to add me as a friend on Chess.com and I'll see you on the 64 squares!

- Bryce Gallo

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